Friday, October 19, 2007

Hi from Campo Grande, Brasil !!!

Ola from Campo Grande Brasil!
Here are a little bit of news that has been going on with us. Monday morning we were supposed to leave early in the morning...But Dad had to go pick up Rajah, our dog wich was at the Vet. Well while that, we had all the bags packed up and ready to go. Dad came home with the dog. The cat and the dog met and started fighting. Jed the rescue hero tried to seperate the dog and cat but got scrached by the cat so he (self-defensively...ahem,) kicked the poor cat and got the lucky dog in his arms. Well the cat went into Jenís room. When Í went into the room to see the cat there was blood all on the floor. We didnt know what happened to the cat- if he broke his paw or not but the blood was coming out a lot. So I got Shadow in a box and mom and rushed him to the vet. We found out that an artery was busted. The vet fixed him up all good. By then it was almost lunch time. But we decided to leave anyways. We arrived safely in Campo Grande around 11 at night. It was quite an adventure. We are now at my Aunt and Uncle´s house. Jed and Dad are working on building this shack for this lady who has nowhere to live. We will be going to Bolivia and Paraguay still next week. Well I need to get going sorry about all the messy writing I am in a hurry:) We will post some pic on our blog as soon as we get home.
Wonderfully written by :) Jana.


the Kempters said...

Jed! what did I tell you about picking on things that are smaller than you!:) Very interesting story,
almost as exciting as my incident with Mr. Tablesaw.


Jessica said...

Poor shadow!!! I tried to see if he was okay, but I haven´t seen him around. I hope you all have a lot of fun on your trip. We all are missing you here :) I love you guys... Jess

Susana Kieffer Cordeiro said...

sounds like fun.. i remember those times. ;o)
now where is jessica? is she back in us?

the Kempters said...
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