Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Trip Pictures

This is a continuation to the previous post...

One of my Dad's brothers which we visited lives in the city of Corumba. It is a beautiful historic town on the edge of the Pantanal - considered one of the world's most largest ecological "paradise". We were just at the tip of this immense wetland, and were able to see several different varieties of animals: the toucan and other lovely birds, capybaras, caiman, emus, and tapir, not counting the picturesque scenes of trees and flowers of all sorts.

Here is a flock of Tuiuiu birds:

The Paraguay river runs by Corumba. We saw some very nice tour boats.

A picture of the city as we looked up from the river port.

The Cristo Rei. This staute stands on a hill that overlooks the city.

The gorgeous view from the staute - you can see the city and beyond it, the beggining of the Pantanal floodplains.

Some of the Pantanal creatures:-)

A bunch of Duartes: Jed, Jana, Dad and his brother and wife with some grandkids.


Alisha said...

Beautiful pics! Glad you guys got to take a relaxing and fun vacation! Love and miss you all!

the Kempters said...
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