Tuesday, October 30, 2007

We are back home!

Hello there, friends!
After 2 weeks of traveling in our neighbor state we arrived home last night. We were blessed with a safe trip and some very good times with friends and family. We talked the whole trip of how we wanted to post so many of these captured memories on our blog. Now comes the challenge of which and how many pictures to share?!
We will try to give a brief version of our adventures and not-adventures in the next posts.

Isn't traveling as a family so much fun? Each one of us, as an individual member of the family have a very distinctive part during the long drives. Daddy, of course is the wonderful driver. Mommy is his faithful navigator -the map is her good friend:-) Jeni reads or sleeps with her mouth wide open most of the time. Her part-time job is to tell Jed and Jana to stop the pillow fights and behave them selves. Jana contirbutes with her singing out loud, and also crying out loud when Jed 'bugs' her. Her favorite thing to do however, is to eat. Jed talks the whole time of how he is going to drive when he gets his license and car, and vroom here, and beep there, vroom, vroooooommmmm! He groans when Mom takes the wheel, for he claims she drives too slow. Whenever he is not singing or teasing us, he is found trying to convince Jeni to learn to play chess or admiring his new miniature chess game.

At my Aunt Eunice's house, enjoying a churrasco - brazilian barbacue.

While there in Campo Grande, we had the opportunity to go hear the University's orchestra one night. It was our first time to a concert like that and we really enjoyed it all except for the last song.


Rebekah said...

Welcome home Duarte's!
Intersting pictures...... :-)
Love you all

the Kempters said...

Yes, those are some interesting pictures. But you have got to love the one of Jed and Jenny snoozing in the backseat:) Congrads on beating Jed in chess for the first time Jenny! I have to get my revenge now:)

Nathan man of nine