Sunday, November 18, 2007

About a year ago...

I was looking for something to post and thought it would be neat to write something about what we doing exactly a year ago today. As most of you recall, we were on furlough at this time last year. (What lovely memories of the beautiful fall!) Unfortunately, I couldnt find pictures of where we were last year at this exact date, but I spent a few minutes reading the year-old calendar/planner. It was fun to put together mental pictures of the places and names I read, as I was recalling where we had been, all the meetings in churches, the visits with friends. Then I saw something. A really great place where we had been exactly a year and three months ago. My mind was filled with some wonderful memories...and I checked our computer and found some pictures of then! You wanna know where we were?

In a really 'huge' town named Linden, in TN, getting to see some great friends and meet the rest of their family for the first time! We wont ever forget those first few weeks of getting acquainted. Amongst many other things, we went canoeing and caving, and rode dirt-bikes like crazy!
Here are a few pics of some good moments...

Jed and Aaron working... (a rare sight!)

Jana, Jessica C. and Jenifer (no, her neck wasn't really broken!)

Jana acting as what Mr. C would call a "motorcycle mama"...

The Courter boys beating Jed up!

The following pics were taken 6 months later, upon our return to Brazil. By then, we had shared many great moments of encouraging fellowship and awesome fun, becoming fast friends. There were some really sad faces at the airport!

Mrs. C with Esther, Elijah, Lincoln, and Jana

A very happy looking bunch:-)

Jessica, Janalee and Rebekah

Jenifer and Josiah - buddies

Everybody together ... can you see the sniffs?:-)

Isn't God so good to bless His people with good friends???

We miss you Courters! Can't wait till you all come down here!


Rebekah said...

Only 2 months 3 weeks and 4 days!!!!!!!
We had soooo much fun together. I am sure we will have still more fun when we get there!

Love you all
The Blond Monkey

Jessica Courter said...

Oh, memories, memories!!! I simply can't wait till we come down!!!! Bekah was just flipping though some pictures we took when we were there 3 yrs ago... Jed was actually kinda cute them :) He sure did grow outa it fast!

the Kempters said...

My my... Jed don't worry, that sounds like one of those "under the radar" compliments to me :)

the Kempters said...

Dear Ms.Jessica C....Don't take me too seriously about the comment. I can't help myself :) Feel free to give me a hard time about my comment in "Portraits". :) Well, I hope I didn't hurt anyone's feelings, if so it wasn't meant to be.

Nathan Kempter

Jessica Courter said...

Nathan, That's o.k! I didn't even know what you meant by "under the radar", I had to ask! :) No feelings hurt here...

the Kempters said...

Thank you :)