Tuesday, November 13, 2007

As Thanksgiving approaches...

We are big Thanksgiving 'fans' around here. There is just something so special in getting together with family to celebrate that day. Even amongst the dear brazilians (*smile*) that have been added to the family through the years, there is a big appreciation for the holiday that so significantly and beautifully celebrates an aspect of our great American heritage. We truly have so much to thank God for, as we reflect back on what the last year brought us. One of our traditions is to let everyone have a chance, after the meal to talk about what they are thankful for, but I want to learn to be more grateful everyday and not just around Thanksgiving time!

My wonderfully talented and creative mother innovates a lovely centerpiece every year. I thought I'd post some pics of the most recent years. (By the way, we are also looking for any ideas for a centerpiece and nut-cups for this year! If you would care to share any of yours, please leave us a comment- we'd be delighted to hear from anyone!)

Here is one of her creations:
A turkey made of assorted flowers and foliage.

Jed thought it was a new style in hats:

The following centerpiece, from Thanksgiving 2005, is one of my very favorites of all time. (Not original, though, taken from dear ole' TOH!) It looked positively stunning on the table, isn't as hard as it looks to make and... it can be eaten afterwards!

Wishing all (an early) Happy Thankingsgiving from our family to yours!


the Kempters said...

Now that is funny :) It look good on you Jed. I love the centerpieces. My family cooks so much food( and good food!!) for Thanksgiving that I gain about 30lbs in one day. :) Not really, but you get the point. God bless,


the Kempters said...

And those have got to be the biggest grapes I have ever seen in my life!

The Duarte Family said...

Are you kidding??? Of course they gotta be big - this is the Promised Land, my friend! Everything in Brazil is "bigger and better"! :-)


the Kempters said...

And believe me when I say it, I'll be on the first plane down there when I get the chance:)


and who on earth is -ph?

Jessica Courter said...

Wow... I wish I had some of your mother's creativity! Those are great :) Looked kinda like Jed was sproutin' some chicken, um I mean, turkey feathers :p

the Kempters said...

Don't worry Jed... if you start getting a little flighty in the head we'll never notice..... I was just kidding, lighten up over there. You know I wouldn't Seriously say something like that about my best friend :) Well I had better run for cover because Jed will be hunting me now:)

Nathan....the hunted:)