Saturday, November 10, 2007

An Ordinary Friday around here...

I just thought I'd post some everyday happenings at our household. Fridays have recently been added to my list of favorite days. I used to not care for it being so ordinary, but now I enjoy it; it has become our family's "free" day, so we usually do something diffirent together . Its fun to learn to enjoy the simple things of life and those moments which are made out of them.
So here's what went on in the morning...

Daddy peeled and chopped pounds and pounds of mangoes, and put them in small bags to freeze. This is the first year we are trying this. Brazilians dont usually do so, but we have an over-abundance of mangoes from our chacara that we can't possibly eat in such a short season, so let's hope they freeze ok...

Study to show thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth. II Tim. 2:15
Jana, having her private devotions. (She didnt want me to get this picture, can you tell? Her excuse? Looked "ugly", hadn't put her contacts in yet:-)

Mom and Jed worked on Algebra.

Seminary studies:

In the afternoon we packed the volleyball and some hotdogs and took off to our chacara. We invited a pastor friend and his wife and had such a good time together.

I had to post some pictures of this spetacular sunset that we got to watch! I took dozens... It was just so beautiful! I think sunsets are some of God's most marvelous works of art.

Nothing ordinary about this, was there?

The hot-dog roast...

I think Jana and Simara had too many...:-)

After supper, we sat by the fire and told spooky stories. Most brazilians are afraid of ghosts (seriously!) so a certain boy from our family had fun scaring Simara.
It's always so still and dark out there at night(no electricity:-). We all just enjoy the silence, being together and away from the city for awile.

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the Kempters said...

Hey hey, it's Beckham your biggest fan:) I love the pictures, the ones of the sunset are beautiful. Whoever reads this post tell everyone oi for me, especially Mr.Antonio. I really want to talk to him but, I can espeak portuguese yet. Well, God bless all.


P.S. Pumpkin head?? stop being so mean to yourself Jenny:)

-_liberty_- said...

Wow! Those sunset pictures are awesome!