Friday, November 23, 2007

What a fine day...

Hi everyone! We just thought we'd share about our Thanksgiving Day yesterday...It was just so beautiful and blessed! We drove out to Bible Camp and had it at Peter and Zirlene Doolittle's house. Besides our two families, the Rhaels, our missionary friends came to celebrate with us. We had a late meal but it was sure worth it! Later, we sang many songs and 'counted our blessing' over the past year.

Here is a picture of the table while it still looked nicely set!

Our relish tray this year was very different, as you will note! Mom and us girls made this cute turkey centerpiece - all edible!

We decorated around the turkey with grapes and dried apricot roses...isn't that pretty?

And here is the wonderful invention of the year - another project of Mom's creativity! These pumpkin nut-cups were soooo easy to make and they looked so adorable sitting there! The little cup inside was filled with nuts, raisins and m+m's... yes, really, mmmmmmmm!

My cousin Stanley just started homeshcooling last year, and he gave us a wonderful little presentaion about the Thanksgiving history, complete with pictures and a pilgrim hat! His brother Kevin, donned the indian feathers and was his proud little helper! It made me remember my own young years of hundreds of homeschooling projects...what fun we had preparing little skits, cards and drawings for the relatives! Good job, boys and praise the Lord for another generation of homeschoolers!

Hope your Day was as blessed as mine!

- posted by Jenifer


the Kempters said...

Yes, we have much to be thankful for , do we not? Great familys, great friends and great food:)
Have a blessed day,


Jessica Courter said...

Wow! Ya'lls creativity never ceases to amaze me!!! Can't wait to see you :) Only 2 months and 3 weeks!

Alisha said...

Stanley and Kevin are so cute! The centerpiece is awesome! You all do a great job!