Saturday, December 8, 2007

Gold Creek

Thought you might like to join us on the trip we took yesterday to experience THE BIRTH OF A NEW CHURCH IN GOLD CREEK with our first public service. We will be doing this weekly so thought you might like to share this part of our ministry. We leave Cuiaba and travel for an hour and 20 minutes on Interstate highway BR364 South.

We climb a mountain range and pass through dangerous mountain passes.

We leave the interstate for a bumpy dirt road and suddenly feel like we have regressed 100 years in history as we enter a land where man still fears the jaguars that make nightly appearances to their livestock!

We cross over Gold Creek several times - and yes, in the past a lot of gold was removed from here.

Some of the bridges are kind of rickety,

and some of the houses kind of plain.

After 40 minutes we arrive at Brother Edson's house where he has his porch set up for the service. As the sun sets, people begin to arrive.

Many of these walk for a couple of kilometers to reach the meeting place. Not only are these people now in physical darkness - but dense spiritual darkness surounds them as well as they follow deep spiritistic traditions.

Our family sings "Do you know my Jesus?" and Antonio preaches a powerful message.

We had 53 people present at this first service! (Including 5 that went from Pedra 90 with our family to help with the singing) Though no one made a profession, we were well received and many had questions. One little man in his 60's had never, ever been to a service nor heard the Gospel before! He has invited us to his home next week as he wants to know more. The man in the dark green shirt (center) is Bro. Edson, and his wife Cristiany to his left.

After the service Bro. Edson and family offered a traditional brazilian supper to all who came. The menu included 5 chickens and a pig that he had butchered that day!
Would you like to go with us next week? Come on down! If you can't come, will you please pray for these precious lost souls?

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Rachel said...

Wow! Praise the Lord. How exciting to be starting another work. Keep on keeping on for the Lord! We are praying for you all. Love in Christ, Rachel

Susana Kieffer Cordeiro said...

WOW!!! That is so awesome and such a rebuke..... I love reading your updates. Will Pray!