Saturday, December 22, 2007

Sugar Cookies!!!

After the last Holiday season, I told myself I never wanted to make another sugar cookie again! But, you can't really break such family traditions, can you?
So yesterday we cleared off the table, set out the ingredientes, turned on the oven and boy, did we make sugar cookies! It was just as fun as any year, even though very hot. We had fans blasting away at the ends of the table to try and not let the icing melt too much:-)

The first batch cooling...

Ready, set, decorate!

It was tons of fun (at first)! We had Karina and Gilmara from church over, and they enjoyed helping us make the "american cookies".

Sweet, baked goodness :-)

All set for eating, sharing, giving... you name it!
By the way, I am taking online orders too!(LOL) Would you like yours with a tall glass of milk, a hot cup of coffee or a mug of (ugh! spasms! gag!) eggnog?:)




Jessica Courter said...

Oh! Those look good. We're going to be making some in the next few days. However, I don't see any icing on anyones faces... What happened ? :)

The Duarte Family said...

Icing on the faces?!? What are you talking about? Lol:-)
Let's just say we are becoming quite the ladies... hee hee, not really, it was just way too hot that the simple thought of the feel of greasy icing on our cheeks made us sick. Or else we would have, or at least one of us would have!:-)

love ya!