Sunday, January 27, 2008

Having Fun

Hi there!

We sure have been having a lot of fun with Sister Linda! From souvenir shopping to eating at a churrascaria to resting in hammocks, every minute has been a joy. The church people have all "fallen in love" with her too, and everyone is looking even more forward to Family Camp!

Yesterday we went to the little fishing village of Santo Antonio. We took her to see the river, and we had the privilege of visiting the Brazilian Navy ship, Paraguassu that was docked there! It really was so much fun...

Mom and Sister Linda pose with a sailor

We had a very nice tour guide that explained lots of stuff to us!

Isn't that a beautiful flag?!?!?!

"All for the Motherland"

Today Uncle Peter and family came over for lunch and they took her with them (sniff, sniff). She will be staying with them and be helping out as they get everything ready for camp. We miss her already!
Thank-you for coming, Sister Linda! We enjoyed having you so much!

Hope you all had a great Lord's Day!


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