Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Praising God for His Protection!

An incident happened today that causes us once again realize and thank God for His watch and care over His children!
Besides the "construction" going on at the Courter's house, Daddy is also helping Rafael, a young man from church, finish his 2-room house just a little ways down the street.
Today they were so excited because the roofing was finally going to get done!

These pictures was taken this morning as the guys were laying out the beams for the roof...

Here is one room all finished...

The guys were finishing the last details when suddenly the roof broke with their weight and brought down Dad and Rafael. There were two other guys who were helping, Guga, who fortunately did not fall, but hurt his arm. Paulo, wasn't up on top so did not fall, but hurt himself trying to save Guga.
Rafael's wife, Athays came running to our house to call Mom. Soon there were some 20+ people from the neighborhood gathered around to see what had happened:-)

A pic of the roof they came crashing through!

There were no serious injuries even thought they landed in a pile of rubbish...full of sharp broken bricks...

Dad had some small cuts on his face and several scrapes and bruises on his body

Rafael got hurt the most; he is feeling strong pains on his leg and hip area. He, Dad, and Guga and Paulo have their fair share of scrapes, and plenty of body aches for the next few days, too I'm sure! But we praise God that it was nothing more serious and that there was no one underneath.

Rafael and Athays are also very disappointed. She had been over here a few hours before, and was just so happy that they were finally making progress on her house!

Rafa surveys the damage...

We know that many of you pray daily for our safety here, and we thank you all so much!
God is good!


Jessica Courter said...

WOW! We're so thankful no-one was seriously hurt!

Alisha said...

I'm glad everyone is ok!