Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Staying Busy

We are keeping pretty busy lately, and will be so for awhile, too:) So if there aren't many updates in the future weeks...I'm going to let you know ahead of time why!

Family Camp
The annual family camp begins the first day of February and lasts till the sixth. We are getting very excited!

A highlight of this year is that we are also getting a visit from Mrs. Linda Leitermann from Illinois. She is coming down to help out with camp, and will be staying with us for a few days. We are eager to meet her and excited about having her here!

The Courters Arrival

It's getting closer and closer! Excitement is running high around here these days:)
There is so much yet that needs to be done on both parties (although I'm sure more on theirs than ours!) but we are looking so very forward to it!

Goofy Time
In the midst of all the planning and preparing, we do still find time to goof off!
Anyone ever wonder what Jed would look like with my hair on him?:-)
Well, now you know!

Across my Kitchen Sink

This is our "kitchen" sink out at the chacara. This pic was taken as the sunset (one of my favorite features) shone across it.

Sunsets always cause me reflect. And lately I have had had so much to reflect on!
Life brings so many things our way that sometimes I think I tend to go through parts in a "fast-forward" motion, instead of enjoying every single moment, even if it's not always pleasant:-) But I am so thankful for God's mercy and grace in dealing with us!
Jana and I have been enjoying working together as we clean for company, or study together or (like this morning,) pretend to study as we dissect chocolate chip cookies, eating all the chocolate first!

The acerolas at our chacara are in peak season...

We enjoy picking them together. They make such a wonderful juice!

On a sadder note, Daddy went to the chacara this afternoon to check up on things. He just got back and told he found out that someone broke into one of the houses. We were there just this Sunday afternoon where we rested for awhile. I took Mommy's small fan, because I knew it'd help me nap better :-), but I forgot it out there! It was a small fan, but they are very expensive down here, and quite a catch for the robbers. Needless to say, I am feeling pretty rotten just about now! I am not usually so forgetful or irresponsible! It is also the fan that Mom was planning to take to family camp:-( We are not sure if whoever broke in took anything else, because Daddy didn't know what all was in that house (thankfully, it is not the one where we keep all the tools and other stuff!)but Jana and I think that both of our hammocks were in that room as well. Oh well. We still thank God that it was nothing more, but it does make us wary, and ask the Lord to protect us from any real danger.

So, now you know a little more of what is going on here! We ask that you will please pray for us during this busy time and for the land of Brazil in the coming days as the people "celebrate" Mardi Gras. Our hearts grieve for the spiritual darkness of the people who are slaves to sin, and for the many ones that will probably enter into eternity at this time without knowing the Savior. We have camp simply to get out of the city during what Dad calls "Sodom and Gomorrah" time.

We need your prayers as we seek to show them what they need - The Light of the World!

May God richly Bless...

In Him

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