Monday, January 14, 2008


Mom made Stollen today. It is a traditional German holiday bread. A dear friend sent us the recipe, and encouraged us to try it even though it is rather complicated to make. Mom made it around Christmas-time, and we fell in love with it! And since we had the left-over ingredients which we don't get on an everyday basis.... she made it again:-)

I was going to post the recipe, but after pulling it out, I sort of gave up (It's rather long!) But if anyone does happen to want it, let me know, and I shall kindly make the effort to type it!:-)It is really worth the try!

Ummm...slivered almonds, candied fruit and cherries...

It is delicious warm from the oven!

Also, today is my Grandpa Robert's birthday!

Happy Birthday, Grandpa!
Wishing you a great day and many more years to come...
I am thankful for you, and I love you so very much!
Come visit us soon!

(Grandpa and I on my 18th birthday)

God bless, and Have a great day, folks!

~ Jenifer

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