Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Surprise, Surprise, Surprise!!!!!!!

Please forgive me if this post makes no sense! I am rushing back and forth "like a chicken with my head cut off"! Snatching hugs and grinning from ear to ear:-) But wait, that is not even the worst part comparing to the tears and shouts that occured less than half and hour ago!

Guess what?!?

My grandparents are here!!!!!!!!!!!
Yes, you heard me right! They surprised us tonight by arriving at our house. (This wonderful secret was kept so well by Uncle Peter and Zirlene and also Sister Linda! They did a great job - we all had lunch together Sunday, the secret was there right under our noses and we never guessed! Thanks, guys!) It was past 9 pm when they arrived, but sleep soon fled from everyone. We stayed downstairs for awhile jsut hugging and talking. After some 20 minutes of hyper-ventilation, I finally got a grip of myself, and am able to think more straightly.

Right now we are having one big ole' party! Ice Cream (yep, wherever Grandpa is, there it will also be!)and other goodies, but best of all the catching up in hugs and talking. I can hardly believe that they are sitting in our kitchen, right now! I have to go...!

I just had to share this with anyone who is interested enough to read this! I know how coherent (NOT) I sound right now so I will spare you the little details. (At least, until tomorrow!)I will be sure to post pics sometime in the next few days...
Yeah................! We are just so excited. And with family camp right around the corner (I'm sure it will be even better now!) and the Courters arrival in 16 days, my heart is s full right now - I am (and still will be) surrounded with some of the people I most love in the world! (What could be better than my own sweet family, then extended family, then great friends all together???) Thank -you Lord, You are so good to us!!!

One happy maiden,

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