Sunday, January 13, 2008

An Update!

Hi Everyone! This was a busy week for us, so that can kind of explain the lack of posts in this little neglected blog:-)

I shall try to give you a brief outline of last weeks events.

On Tuesday night we went with a family from church to an "espetinho" place close by. It had been a long, long time since we had gone out for that, so it was very enjoyable.
Jenifer and Jana, holding Camilly

For those of you who don't know what an "espetinho" is, let me enlighten you! Some people here also call it "churrasquinho". We can buy a plate with rice, cooked manioc, tomato salad, farofa and a small "spit" with either meat or chicken done sort of barbecue style with no sauce for about $1.50. It is so good!

Later in the week, we were invited way across town for supper at the house of Dona Maria Jose for a good dose of warm, brazilian hospitality. She is the mother of Christiany (from Gold Creek)and since we just recently re-encountered them, she wanted to fix us a meal, and oh, what a meal! Let me ask you to please pray for her also. She claims to be saved, but really needs someone to help her, and to attend a fundamental, Bible-preaching and believing church.

Jed has been working hard this week. He is helping out with the "reforms" that is going on in the Courter's house, across the street. Their arrival is getting closer and closer! Dad also helps out as much as he can; but we are working on getting him "all better" before he starts going 100 mile-per-hour again:-)

Other than that, things are going pretty normal 'round here. We have had some very nice then some very rainy weather lately. Sometimes it keeps Mom and I from going on our morning walk. (For one of us, that is a good thing[a good excuse to sleep in a few more minutes:-)], for the other not!)
We have had a good number of visitors in church this Sunday and last, so pray that the seed of God's Word will find room in their hearts.
Our evangelism course on Sunday afternoons is still going good. Although not very many members come, it encourages us to know that the ones who do come, are truly interested in becoming better soul-winners.

I will close with some pictures I took when we were last out at the chacara.
It had just rained and the air was so sweet and clean...
I wanted a picture of rain droplets on a leaf, like you see in professional stuff, y'know?:-) But it took me so many tries to get a rather decent one, and it's still kinda blurry around the edges *sigh* oh well...

I love this one of the sun shining right in the middle of the two hills close to our property!

Have a great week!



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Jessica Courter said...

I can't wait to see you all!!! It's getting close!