Monday, February 25, 2008

10 days :-)

The Courters have been here for ten days already! So much has happened during this time, and I have to admit that we have let blogging take back-seat as we spend time together.:-)

Here are a few pics however, and a little update on what's been going on lately.

As far as health, all of us that were sick with fevers, sore throats, and so on are feeling much better and have returned to full-speed! Thank-you for praying! Our only concern right now is that Mr. Courter has had stomach problems for several days now. Sometimes his pain is really strong; we have given him all sorts of concoctions, but none have had success yet. Please pray that we can find out what is causing this in order to treat it, or that it will just heal completely - soon!

Our days are busy with lots of things.

Sewing curtains...

Jana made up some play dough for the little ones to play with...

The older boys and Alex made a porch last week. It is now all covered and has cemented flooring.

We ladies enjoy doing a number of things together. These range from singing to walking; chatting or cooking.

Mrs. C mixes up a batch of sausage - YUM!

We all love to play volley-ball or brazilian games with the neighborhood kids. "Tres-Cortes", "Queimada" and "Odeleta" are some of the ones that the Courter kids have learned to play - and the other kids here love it!

Church services and activities make up a great part of our weeks, so we have lots of opportunities to do things together then, too. The oldest Courter kids are all very musically talented, so we sing and play together frequently. Our "practice" times are quite hilarious though!

But of course, we do serious things, too. Today we began a new routine of a more shceduled week. In the mornings we (supposedly:-)) do school. We then have the afternoons free for playing or other activities together.
The Courters also have discovered that laundry here is just a tad more challanging than in the US, so that tends to take up some time too:-)
In the midst of all this, the C's are also trying to squeeze in some dental treatments for the older kids while they are down here. Today I was the 'official translator' at the dentist's office and had to put up with all their screams!:)jk

So you see, we have really good excuses for not blogging as frequently!

I will close with one of my favorite pics that have been taken in the last week.
I think it's pretty self-explantory...


Have a Blessed Day!

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