Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Fun, Fun, Fun!

This afternoon we "kidnapped" Grandma Ruth and went out for "girl's time out". Well, no, not really! Alex was able to go with us for he had to be at school downtown at night, and I think he had as much a fun time as we did!

We picked Grandma up and went to the mall, where we walked around a while. Mostly, we were being kooky and taking funny pics.

Sunglasses, anyone?

Hmmm, maybe a hat?

How 'bout this one?

Doesn't she look cute?

Alex is a big tease - kept us laughing all the time!

Later we had pizza - yum!

Mom and I unkowingly posed exactly alike for this pic - well, you know, they do say great minds think alike!

We then dropped Alex off at his school and went to a lovely place where we got some great pictures.

Mom and daughters

Grandma and grandaughters


Pretty scenery, huh?

Some of the grounds

The "park" entrance

We topped the night off with some good ol' ice cream! What a better way?!?

We are so glad we had this opportunity to share together! Thank-you for the great time, Grandma. We love ya!

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