Friday, February 1, 2008

"I Want to be like Mommy"

My sweet "little" sister recently wrote Mom this article. I thought I'd share it with you. Isn't it sweet?


“I Want To Be Like My Mommy...”

Have you ever heard a little girl saying that and looking up with admiration at her mom?
Since I was a little girl I have always wanted to be like my mommy. Let me tell you why. My mommy is one of the most special gifts God has given me. She is one of the most creative persons I have ever met. She gets so many calls from people of other churches asking for ideas and she can come up with some of the best and cutest ideas. She is a wonderful speaker and teacher. She has taught me everything I know. I hope some day that I can be like my mommy. My Mommy has taught all of her daughters how to cook, clean, sew, sing, cross-stitch, be hospitable, how to be a wonderful wife, and most importantly, she has taught us to be like Jesus. She has taught me how to smile even though I may be sad, and how to be happy even when things are not going well.
My Mommy has a little plaque that is written “The best thing to spend on your children is TIME”. I can really say that my mommy has spent all her time with her children. Everywhere we were, Mommy was; we were always right beside her. I remember when we were small kids and mommy was making bread she would give us a piece of the dough so that we could make us a “bread” any shape we wanted. Then she would bake them and pull the table cloth so that we could get under the table while we played house and ate our odd colored and odd shaped bread.  I still remember what a thrill that was for us! She is a fun person to be around and always happy.
You make be asking why I am going on about my mother. I want to speak to you, other daughters; what do you say about your Mom? I have seen a lot of girls that only complain and criticize their mom. “Oh, my mom does this” or “My mom doesn’t do that.” But what we need to remember is that we all are sinners and that we all fail. I know that my mom has a lot of faults, also. But, instead of looking for faults in her it is a lot better if we look up to her and admire her. No-one is perfect! If we have a critical attitude about our mother, we need to pray that God will help us to change and value our mothers more than we do.
Mothers are great persons-, you will find that out. We need to learn to trust, love and, honor our mothers. Make your mother your best friend. You will find out how great she really is. And remember girls; you will not have your mother forever. Enjoy her while you can. One day you will look back and either you will be guilty of not spending time with her or you will have wonderful memories of your wonderful Mother and what wonderful times you had with her.

To my Best friend, My Mother
From Your Little Girl, Janalee


Alisha said...

How Precious! You do have a wonderful mommy! Thanks for reminding me of how special my mom is to me!

Beth said...

Of course I remember you, Jennifer! Thanks for finding our blog. This is such a great way to connect. I can't wait to spend time "catching up" on the Duartes! I'll add this to my long list of blogs that take up my time each night. :) I CAN'T believe you guys are so big. We live in Minnesota and are on the pastoral staff with and are great friends with Glorianne Levy and her family. Aren't you related somehow? If you are on facebook you can request me to be your friend, I know this isn't really the place to chat.

Ada Grace said...

How very sweet! What a nice article! You are a very good writer, Janalee!

~Ada Grace~

The Duarte Family said...

Hello Ada!
Welcome to our blog and thanks for the nice comments! We sure do remember you - especially the fun times we had singing, you with your beautiful voice and all:-)

God Bless you!