Thursday, February 7, 2008

Pictures of Family Camp

We are back! Our hearts have been blessed, our faith strenghtened, and our lives challanged these last few days at camp.
I hope these pictures give you a small insight to what a wonderful and blessed time we have had.
One of the main highlight that I would like to share is the salvation of Katia, a nine year-old girl who comes to our church! Will you please pray that the Lord will continue to work in this sweet young girl's life?

The main building where we eat and hold the sevices
(The kitchen, in back)

A service at night

Long line at lunch time!

Daddy preaching

l to r: Uncle Peter (the awsome camp director!), Jed and Grandpa Robert singing

We have some wonderful food at camp, thanks to these hardworking cooks!

Beside the great Bible preaching and the sweet fellowhsip, we always have a good time with games and sports, too.


And the best: volley-ball!

Soccer, ping-pong and shuffle-board and also a zip-line are on the list too, but we didn't get any pics!

Of course, there are fun jobs, too!
Each day the churches are divided into different cleaning duties. Working together makes it so much more exciting!

Brother Omar(our guest preacher), Jed and Alex shine those pans!

Katia and Thaina cheerfully dry 'em

Jana, Francielly and Thahis scrub the ladies bathroom

I could share so many more, and write so many blessings, but suffice it to say that the Lord really worked in many hearts and we have been encouraged to keep on doing the work He has called us to do!

I love this next picture of Marcelo and Cristiane, the canteen workers. This young couple is from Uncle Peter's church. They work so happily, it makes you wanna always buy snacks!:-) I walked up to the canteen this time; he was explaining something to her as they read the Word together. This picture reflects acutely to me the sweet fellowhip with God and with one another that we, as His people can share. Thank-you Lord, for your Word which encourages us, molds us, corrects us and teaches us the way in which we should walk!

In closing:
Good-bye time is sometimes so hard, no?
We had to say good-bye to Sister Linda yesterday, as she is flying out today. What a blessing it was to meet and spend time with her!

This next view is common at the end of camp. It in itself already says "good-bye", doesn't it?
Look at all that baggage!

So, "good-bye" for now! May the Lord Bless each and every one of you.
Keep on living for Him!

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