Friday, February 15, 2008

They are here!!!

Yes, it is for real! After long months of planning and a long trip, too - the Courters arrived safe and sound! I can't even begin to describe the excitement and emotions we all felt. There were lots of hugs and a few tears, too:-) Tears of joy, of course!

Here they are after leaving the plane, walking towards the airport

Then came the tense time of waiting till they got all their bags...


Here they come!


Here are a few pics as they enter their house...

Our hearts are rejoicing that they are finally here!

(photo courtesy of Aunt Zirlene)


Rachel said...

I'm glad they made it safe...Have a whole lot of fun! :)

Snapped-It said...

Hello, I've looked at your blog a few times now so, I will make myself known. Im Seth, and sometimes my sister Lydia will post on my blog.

Looks like you'll are greatly enjoying being back together! and boy, you got warm sunny weather down there! its cold and snow here in ohio! :)

God Bless,

The Duarte Family said...

Hello Rachel,

Thanks! We are already having a lot of fun:-)That is, as much as we can get through their jet lag!jk! It almost seemed unreal that they had really gotten here at first:) - now we can't imagine them NOT being here!

Have a great day!

Hi there "Mr. Snapped-it":-)

Thanks for visiting and introducing yourself.

We sure are enjoying the fellowship together greatly! It has been 11 months since we last saw each other, so there is a lot of catching up to do, but it has also been so easy to just pick up right where we left off in our fun times.:-) Do you guys know the Courters, too?

The wether is warm, but we won't let that bother us any:) - We sure don't envy your weather!

In Christ

~Jenifer for the family