Monday, February 18, 2008

They got sick!

Hi there!
Here are the latest news from us. Some of the Courters got sick, they had fever and sore throats so they slept a lot and are now recovering. I think it may be due to the climate change.
Today the parents went shopping for some necessary stuff and also to pick up the 4 bags that had been left in Miami. We "kids" stayed home. In the morning we were all SUCH a lively bunch :) We did watch a movie called "Bubble Trouble" and then we had lunch and mandatory naps - I LOVED it. But thankfully, we are all feeling much better now, and hopefully we will all be back to our normal selves in the next couple of days.

Here is the lively bunch:

I have NO idea what these two are doing with their cups. Maybe they were hungry!

by Jana

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