Tuesday, February 19, 2008

We Got sick!

Yep we got it! Some of the Courters are still not well and some of the Duarte's are getting sore throats and headaces. We would greatly apreciate your prayers. We hope that soon everyone can get better and that everything can get back to "normal". :)


Jessica Courter said...

um.... no offence, but you didn't spell headache right :p

Snapped-It said...

Hey, just saw your reply to my comment on the post from the other day. (did you get that?) :)

Yeah, I know what its like to have friends away for a long time! we have some friends that liven in Bolivia and come back and forth some.

Nope, only know the Courters from commenting on each others blogs. Maybe some day we'll meet them in person. We have some friends that dont live far from them.


H said...

Hi Duartes,
I hope that you all are feeling better!!! We go to church with the Courters when they are here in the US!!! The Courters have told us a lot about you all!!! I look forward to many more pic.!!! ~Hannah Burton

The Duarte Family said...

Hello Hannah, (and welcome to our blog!):-)
We too, have heard lots about you and your family! But don't worry, it's all good stuff!;-)
Thanks for the reminder to post pics... being together with them again is so much fun that it beats blogging anytime! But I'm sure with all the willing photographers around, we can manage to take and post some great ones on the months to come:-)

Thanks for stopping by and Have a Gr-8 Day!
~Jenifer for all of us