Saturday, March 22, 2008

Easter Camp!

Yesterday we went out to the chacara for a day of rest and fellowship. On other years we try do it on Easter and have a sunrise service out there, but it wouldn't have worked out for this year so we went out on the Friday before instead.

Getting ready to leave in the morning...

Friends forever


Bekah - the clean-up "crew":-)

Lincoln, Isabelly and Guga


Girls playing soccer

LUNCH time!!! We had a GREAT cook who fixed us wonderful meals

In the afternoon after everyone had taken naps, we decided to have a water balloon contest. You pick a partner and you have to throw a balloon filled with water. Each time you make it through a round without popping it, you must take a step back and the last duo to pop theirs wins. We had a blast!




I LOVE the face expessions, don't you? :)

The Winners!

Mrs. Courter and baby who will be born this coming Tuesday!!

We had our service outside. It was so cool, with a lovely breeze and a full moon

Half-way through the singing though, it started to rain, so we had to go under the porch.

We decided to have some popcorn and....

Arm wrestle!

Jana v Jess

Jana v Jeni

Rafael v Jed

Danel v Giovanni

We had a blessed and fun time.

posted by Jana

ps. This is Miss "New Braces" holding Isabelly. Daniel also has them; I will have to get him to smile for a pic though.:-)

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