Monday, March 31, 2008

Eating out!

Saturday Dad took us out for lunch. We went to this REALLY GOOD fish restaurant.

The food was GREAT and we ate so much:-)

Alex and Jess went with us

Janalee, Jedidiah and Jennifer

Adilsom and Camilly also went

The guys

Looking at a cow...

It was so good and relaxing, Thanks Daddy. We love you.


The Stamper Story said...

That is SUCH a cute picture of the little girl! adorable

Ada Grace said...


I am doing a report on Brazil for a Home School Day at my church. Could you tell me or suggest some links about the following:

1. What kind of games do the children play there?

2. What are some things that boys and/or girls make/build there, that I could use for a craft?

3. How do you pronounce Rep├║blica Federativa do Brasil?

4. If it is 3:00p.m. EST, what time is it there?

5. Is there anything interesting that you have learned that you could tell me that I wouldn't find in internet research?

Anything would be helpful! Thank you so much for your time! Here is my e-mail address if you would like to answer me through e-mail:

Thanks again!

Ada Grace (Youngest daughter of the family you stayed with the last time you were at Friendship Baptist Church)

P.S. The Home School Day is April 18th, so if you could get back with me by then, that would be great! Thanks!

Ada Grace said...


Sorry my last comment was TOTALLY out of context.
Sounds like you had loads of fun! I loved looking at the pictures! Oh, I saw the pictures of Anna. She is SO ADORABLE! The first picture you took is my favorite. Gotta run!

Ada Grace