Monday, March 10, 2008

Elijah's accident

Saturday night the Courter family, our family and a bunch of people from our church went to the Igreja Batista Maranata in the suburb of Cristo Rei for a supper they were having to raise up money to finish reforming their church building.

Elijah was playing and he fell and cut his hand. From what we could see it looked like he fell on top of a rusted metal. He has never had tetanus shot, so that got us a little worried.

So all of us, the two whole van loads of people took him to a hospital where they said that they did not have any more tetanus shots. They sent us to another hospital, we got there are there is only 1 doctor and the waiting room was FULL. It would take us a couple hours of waiting and some of the people from church really needed to get home...

Here we are gathered together in the clinic's parking lot praying that we may fing the right place and that it wouldn't take to long. We had both the vans so we decided that one should be sent home packed and the other should go to another hospital. So that is what we did. They finaly did get the shot and came home very late.

We still had time to be funny,

and Silly!

posted by Jana


The Stamper Story said...

poor little guy. that was quite an ordeal and a memorable occassion!

Rebekah said...

What a night! We didn't get home till midnight. But we still had fun.
That picture of Joao is hilarious! I love it!

Alex & Jessica Lima said...

We're so thankful Jhonny is okay... I love the picture of Guga :) What a character :) Love you all, Jess