Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Happy Birthday!!!

We have been eating a lot of cake here lately :)
Early sunday morning....
Guess what these two are doing???

The Brazilian tradition is to break eggs on the Birthday person's head.
We were kind enough to empty the eggs and fill them with water :)

We went to Bekah's window and "serenated" her with whistles, pans,spoons, and a flashlight.

The B-day girl and the partners in crime.

We had cake in the afternoon.

Rebekah and Gilmara.

Hope you had a great day Beka. I am glad we could spend your Bday here in Brasil with us. We love you very much.

The other birthday we celebrated was................... Elijah's!

We went downtown early monday morning. The Courters wanted to get some material for a dress for Gilmara. And we girls are going to make matching outfits for the CD we will be recording.

Eating lunch

Wow! don't we look EXCITED!!!

Playing the Hand game

It WASN'T ME!!!!!!!

Gilmara had never gotten on a escalator in her life before. So Mr. C took her for her 1st time. She was a little scared at first.

We then went to the park.We climbed on top of a big tower they have there and got some fun Pics.

Guess what???

Having fun with the camera.


Playing soccer


Getting the picnic ready

Singing Happy Birthday

Everyone came back home all sweaty but happy. It was a GREAT day.

You can also go to the Courters blog for more pics.

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