Thursday, March 6, 2008

Hello everyone,
What a long day this has been!
We would just like to let you all know, before we head to bed, about some things that happened today. I will spare all the little details due to time (an the emotional tiredness!)but we will be posting a complete review of what happened, tomorrow.

This morning, two guys tried to steal (well, actually thed did manage to, even) a lap-top computer from the Courter's house. It happened while Lawanda, Mr. and Mrs. Courter, Jessica, Rebekah and Jenifer were out walking. Daniel and Aaron happened to be the only ones out on their porch(the little ones were all still asleep in the house). To make a long story short just for tonight, Daniel did manage to chase the guys and take back the computer, but they were also armed and two shots were fired - one hit the porch roof and another, directed towards Daniel, missed him. Praise God, no one was hurt, but it sure has been a very "exciting" day!

We are so thankful to God for His protection and we covet your prayers on the Courter's behalf. Many neighbors and other people say that the robbers might return, with a bigger gang or guns or whatever...
We know that God is Sovereign and in complete control of every situation; He has not given us the spirit of fear, but we ask that you join us in seeking God for wisdom to know what to do.
We have been to the police today, where Daniel filled an account of what occured, and tomorrow he must return to try and maybe identify the two guys. Daddy, Jed, Alex and a neighbor also spent most of the day helping out in building an "urgent" wall in front of the Courter's yard.

So, if you remember to, please pray for us! We are all doing very well, but like I mentioned earlier, it is just a bit emotionally draining.

We do serve a great God! We praise Him for the protection and ask that you pray that He will continue to watch and care over our dear "neighbors" across the street:-)(and us, too).

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Reed Family said...

Praise the Lord Daniel was not hurt!

We will pray for your safety.

Jim Reed