Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Michelle's "surprise" baby shower

Yesterday afternoon we hosted a surprise baby shower for Mrs. Courter. It was our ladies meeting day, so we had it planned quite ahead and rather conveniently:-)
Although it was hard to keep it secret, (and she eventually knew a little) it worked out very well...

First we played a few games. We had everyone divided into 2 groups; the competition was quite fierce as we had ties in every single game!

In this first relay, each team had to have one player run up to this laundry line and "hang up" some baby clothes. Then the next player had to "bring in" the laundry. It was fun and LOUD - as the gentlemn from across the street can attest to:-)

We played some "pen and paper games" such as guessing the gestational time period of different kinds of animals (whale, rat, elephant, mare...) and one called "What am I saying?" where Mom passed around assorted pictures of babies, and each team had to make up a "caption" for the baby's expression. Mrs. Courter then voted for the captions she liked best.

Mom then asked Sister Michelle to give a short testimony and tell a little more about herself to the ladies...

Mrs. Shari Pinto then brought a very neat Bible study using the text on "The Armor of God" but applying it to a baby...

She had Esther hold the "baby"...we made it look very brazilian, since the new baby will also be one!

Then came the gift opening...

This towel says "Is it a boy or girl?":-)

A very hopeful yours truly was brave enough to give a baby dress...
(If it's a boy .... oh well!)

We then had refreshments

Mom made a delicous "punch" that was a "hit"!:-)
Really, pun aside, it was good.

There were also some little brazilian party patsries and cake...

All in all, it was a great time, and we are all looking foward to meeting this new little one in about 3 weeks!

~ Jenifer

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