Monday, March 3, 2008

Random Pictures

With the Courters being here, I get so many more chances (and people!) to photograph but sometimes just not enough time or space to post them on my ordinary posts.
So here are a few pics that I like. Well, some of them I like; others I bear, or others I just laugh at:-)

Do you really want to know what these two ladies are doing?:-) (Please pray I don't get in trouble for this!) They are tying pink ribbons all over the bike of a young man from church...

A sweet pic...
(Not much room left for the current "baby", due to the coming baby!)

Fabric shopping?!? Of course I'm excited!!!

Daddy and daughter

Jed and Aaron's nap time...

A happy face peeking from the hammock :-)

No comments...!

Esther walking amongst the mango trees...

Captions, anyone ???

Hope your days are as blessed as mine!


Jessica Courter said...

Oh Glory! Someone is in BIG trouble!!

H said...

What great pic.!!!! I really like the one of two young ladies tying the pink ribbons on the bike:):) seams like somthing those two would do:) ~Hannah Burton