Monday, March 17, 2008

Service at the Courters home.

Every Saturday we are having services at the houses of the people from church. This Sat it was at the Courter's home. They served chocolate chip cookies and pop after church.

The girls made a BUNCH of cookies.

Getting ready to start. We had quite a few people come. Some neighbors who have not been to church went to the service.

The Courter Family singing Psalms 96.

Dad preached a wonderful message about a victorious Christian life.

The guys fellowshipping after church.

The Kids playing "Odo-letta" a brazilian hand game. The C kids are doing good with their portugese. They are great friends to the Brazilian kids already.

Feancielly, Jana, and Belly.


hannah Burton said...

Wow It looks like you all had a lot of fun:) So about how many cookies did yo all make???? Blessings ~Hannah Burton~

The Duarte Family said...

Hi Hannah,
We made around 190 cookies and they were eaten All up. The poeple loved them.Have a Great day!