Tuesday, March 25, 2008

They broke into the Courters house

Yesterday morning we left around 8 to go to Estancia Maranata (Bible Camp). Where my Uncle Peter Doolittle and Grandpa, Robert Doolittle are currently living. We got there and said "hi" and had just sitten down when mom's cell
phone rang. It was Jessica and she called to tell us that robbers had broken into the Courter's house and taken two lap-tops. Mr.Courter's and Aaron's, which was the first one they had tried to take. The C's did not have a padlock on their gate and they had left the back door open. So that made it real easy for the robbers. Alex was going to work in the house in the morning and Jess was with him so he came to the house droped a receipt at the table while jess went to the neighbors one house down to drink some water. He decided to go drink some water also and he left. That was when the robbers broke in. They said they were in the neighbors house for 5 min and when they came back there was a light on it the Parent's room and the gate was wide opened. Alex told Jess to get him a knife and call the police So she did that and a neighbor got his illegal gun and in the house with Alex. We could tell that the robbers had left in a hurry because they Only took two laptops while there was a projector on top of the bed and a bunch of nice working tools. We are once again thankful for God's protection and Love. We know that "All things work together for good, for them that love him". But we Do need your prayers, they may want to break in again since they know there are a Lot more valuable stuff there. Or they may want to try our house. So please pry for our safety. We are also thankfull that Jessica and Alex are OK they could have had them as hostage, but God once again showed his mercy. Mr.C and U. Peter left the chacara came home and filed a police report. When Jess called the police she told them that there were robbers IN the house and it took the police more than 30 mins to get here. So you can see how fast they are down here :) On the lighter note. The C's and Mommy have left to go to the hospital. So we will be announcing someone's birth in a few hours!!! We also start recording our CD today. So we will be gone most of the day. We pray that everything will be kept safe.

Have great day!
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