Saturday, March 1, 2008

Week in Review

Here are the latest news from us...

Monday and Tuesday

Monday began just fine; some of us ladies began walking in the morning, and some of the young men started the week with the good intention of jogging.:-)All of the Courters, expect for the Dad, were feeling back to normal so it was a better beggining of a week!

On Tuesday, two of the Courter kids had dentist downtown, so we took the afternoon and the girls went along to do some fabric shopping.

Janalee and Jessica C. have been working a lot on Jana's quilt all week...


Mom and Dad took Mr. C to the Dr.(who, of course, just perscribed exams)

In the afternoon we girls along with two others from church, were treated out for ice-cream!

Jessica and Bekah


The universally known and loved frozen delight...
Thanks Mr. Courter!


On Thursday morning Mr. Courter went for his return at the Dr., while the kids stayed home and prepared to go to the chacara as soon as the adults got back.
We had a wonderful day of fellowship out there.

Churrasco for lunch...!

Volleyball - of course!!!

Rest and naps...

In the afternoon we took a walk...

And pictures:-)

Prayer requests...
(BTW, the diagnostics for Mr. Courter is TD, the common digestive distress that affects travelers. Mostly, only time can help his system get used to the different food, water and ect. here. Also, the three oldest Courter kids got lemon burns from squeezing/drinking lemons/lemonade out at the chacara. They have some very nasty "burns" on their hands, arms, and around the lips. This too, will heal with time, but it sure is very uncomfortable for them!)


A busy day. The Courters bought a brazilian "washing machine".:-)
At night we went to my cousin Kevin Doolitle's birthday party. He turned four.
We had a good time meeting/talking to people, and the "kids" sure enjoyed the cotton candy!

Some of the boys...

Cake anyone?

I think these three had too many sweets!


That's today!
We had church cleaning in the morning. The Courters brought down a quilting frame down, which just got set up so the "best" part of making a quilt has begun for Jana!:-)

Daddy is preaching at the radio right now, and we have an open air service at a brother's house tonight.
And I had better go get some other stuff done!

Have a great day in the Lord!


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H said...

Hi Duartes,
Wow sounds like you all have been very busy:) But having a WONDERFUL time!!!! We will all be praying for the Courters, that they will be well, and stay well. Jana the Quilt is beautiful, Jessica was telling me about it:) I really like the colors:) Hope you all have a great Lords day! God bless ~Hannah Burton