Thursday, April 10, 2008

Chacara Day

Tuesday was Cuiaba's birthday - 289 years! And as most brazilians (true holiday lovers) would, we took the day off and went to the chacara with a group of people.

The day was beautiful - sunny, yet breezy enough to make it not quite so hot:-)

Here are some pics of our time together...

Francielly holds baby Anna

As always, some good games of volley-ball

Bright smiles!

Our dog out there had puppies again...
We already gave two of the three away;
they are the sweetest lil' fur-balls!

Aren't they cute?:-)

Anna watches her first volley-ball game...

Cookie eyes
(Or maybe the caption here should read "Did your Mommy ever teach you not to play with your food?":-)!

Isabelly gets chocolate-covered!

Twice in one day?!?
My sweet messy girl!:-)

Well, I hope at least one of these pictures made you smile or helped brighten your day! We are all doing well and trying to enjoy life to its fullest. God's grace to us truly, is so amazing...
Have a blessed day!

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