Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Going up to Chapada

Today we went up to Chapada dos Guimaraes, a state park in the lovely mountain range close by. The main attractions up there are the waterfalls, but the biggest one, Bridal Veil Fall, was closed today:( We still had a great time, saw some pretty sights, ate some good food, got some good pictures...:)

Here are some pics... There are not very many because our camera is not working so we were using the Courter's. But today while we were swimming, their camera decided it also wanted to swim, but it didn't really like the water and gave up on us :) Thats a nice way to put it isnt it, ________ ?

Thie lovely view overlooking the valley
(The clouds up there were so beautiful and majestic!)

The girls standing on a rock at "Hell's Gate", a sharp and dangerous drop-off.

Little Anna

A pic of all the kiddos...
We got to go swimming near this waterfall. It was fun and it was also VERY cold!



Rachel said...

Looks like you'll had great fun! It's pretty there too. :)

Hannnah Burton said...

Oh how fun!

You all looked a little cold, but very happy:)

Have a great day!

Always in him ~Hannah Burton