Monday, April 14, 2008

Lunch at church

Hi there!

Here are some pictures of a Big churrasco (Brazilian barbecue) lunch we had at church Sunday after Sunday School.

The ladies all came up and started helping with Cooking

These are peeling mandioc

Sister Alba giving us a smile

Some helped with Cleaning

Sister Ilza making some rice

Cutting tomatoes for Vinagrette salad

The guys sat and talked

The kids played

and played!

Jana and Isabelly

Anxiously awaiting lunch

Finally it was ready! Doesn't that look good? Belive me it WAS!

Dad and Adilson did a GREAT job cooking the meat. It was DELICIOUS!


And let the Line begin

A happy new Mommy and Daddy

Daniel and Josiah

Jessica, Jenifer, Rebekah and Anna

Giovane, the church's biggest eater, and Rodrigo

Jed and Aaron

Jana, Francielly, Thayna and Esther VERY full

We had a Great time. The food was Awesome and the fellowship was even more Awesome. We love our church.

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