Friday, April 18, 2008

A Mountain-Top Experience

Yesterday, we 5 Duartes and 8 of the Courters decided to climb this little "Bump"

Mount Santo Antonio

Here is the whole crew ready to Go!
I am the only one missing as I was taking the picture :)

Don't Jessica and Rebekah look cute?

Here we go...

There were some very steep places...

Rebekah and Janalee resting and posing

We are almost there!

We finally arrived. It took us about and hour and a half. It wasn't a very clear day due to the good cool weather, but it still was pretty. We were also thankful later that it was cloudy, because it kept us from getting more sun-burned than we already did!

Rebekah, Jennifer, Janalee and Jessica on top of the mountain. If you look closely you can see Cuiaba in the background.

If you scroll back to the top of this post you can see that the mountain has two bumps. The boys were the only ones successful in getting to the smaller bump because there is a sharp drop-off which they (with our best interest in mind of course!)claimed the girls would never be able to cross over.

Dad sleeping.

We sang up there - which was lots of fun (sort of a "The Hills are Alive..." kind of feeling!:-)

Making memories!

Jeni and Jess

Aaron+Jed= Trouble
(I dont know why I am in that picture :))

Enjoying our last minutes together up there before going down

The whole group
(Special thanks to the rock that took the pic for us)

We took a wrong path on the way down and were over half-way to the bottom when we realized that we were almost all the way around the other side of the mountain! So we had to go all the way back up and find the right path. Don't we look excited!?

We are so thankful we got to do this and to God for His protection and care over us.

Posted by Janalee.


Hannah B said...

Hi Duartes!

Wow It looks like you all had quite an adventure:) But who dosn't with the Courters:) what a Fun adventure it must have been though:) I hope you all are doing well! Have a blessed day! In Christ ~Hannah~

The Duarte Family said...

Thank you, Hannah!
We sure did have a fun time...and yes, I agree with you, "who doesn't?"! Next week we have several fun things planned too, so keep in tune for more pics...:-)

Love in Jesus,