Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Teen Camp 2008

Friday night we went to the annual Teen Camp at Estancia Maranata. It was us three Duarte kids, the four oldest Courter kids, and three young people from church - Guga, Gilmara and Rodrigo.
We came back Saturday afternoon because we had a service at sister Ilza's house. It was a good service; a lot of people she had invited came.
We headed off to camp again after the service Sunday night and spent the day Monday.

Here are some pictures...

Playing ping pong

We were divided into 3 diferent teams; Blue, Green, and Red.
They had Bible memory verse competitions here are the teams saying or singing all the veres they know.

Miss Jessica (btw, she was the girl that said most verses this year - Congratulations, Jess!)

What do you think that look is for? :)

This is Jucimar. He broke the record this year by saying 314 verses.

He spent hours saying them

In this relay we had to fill these water bottles that were laying on a team member's head!



The next game we had was that every team member had to tie a ballon to their leg and everyone had to try to pop the other team's while protecting theirs. It was Crazy!

The Blue team

Green team

The Red (yellow) team won this game

Next, we had the eat-cracker-and-whistle-game!
I felt sorry for all the judjes who got cracker showers :)


I think Jedidiah was praying here :)

The 3 legged race...no, the 5 legged race!... Or maybe it was the 8 legged race!

Red team

Green team

Blue team

Ready, Set, GO!!!

We had a lot of fun with games but we also had good messages preached to us.
Our main speaker was brazilian Missionary Daniel Rodrigo

The camp director, Peter Dollittle

Blue team cleaning

Awaiting supper

Girls drooling over little Anna

This young lady, Isabella, had never held a baby in her entire life

All of the campers this year

A reminder of God's mercy and promise to us!

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