Sunday, May 4, 2008

Adventures, Adventures...!

Just a quick update to let our readers in on some of the things that have been going on here lately.

Mrs. Courter has been running a high fever since Friday. Yesterday, her right lower leg started turning red, swollen and HOT! So this afternoon Mom and Mr. C took her to the hospital where she was admitted and may have to stay for 3 days. The diagnostics is of a case of Erysipela. Needless to say, this type of news is always not very fun, especially for the older young ladies in "charge".:-)(My mother also(in this case a.k.a portuguese translator) is currently at the hospital and will be spending the night.)

Ok, that is just a piece of it. (A little back-ground about the rest of the 'news'- my Uncle Peter, whose church is across town, invited the Courter family last Sunday and today to preach, sing, ect. This morning everyone went but Mrs. C (and Anna!)since she is unable to walk well due to her leg.)

Anyway, fast-foward to 6 pm. this evening. Mom, Michelle and Anna are at the hospital, the rest of the Courters are all 'purtied up' and ready to drive over to Peter's church. They intend to swing by the hospital to drop off some things for the mothers.

Here is a mental list of what might have been going on through one of their heads...:-)
Instruments - check.
Song-books - check.
Overnight bag for Mom - check.
Snacks for the Moms - ummm...unless Jana has been into it...check!
Lock up the house - check.
Get everyone in the van - check.

Drive off! - check...oh wait, not quite!
They probably drove no more than 20 feet and the van caught on fire. Well, the eletrical wiring under the steering wheel and panel did. Jana called me and I ran out the porch just in time to see plenty of smoke and the kids scrambling out trying to grab all of the instruments and ect. After some long minutes, the men managed to put out the fire and they parked the van back in their yard. Dad and Jed had been gone all afternoon but came back just then. The guys quickly transferred all the instruments and bags to Dad's truck and took off again.
The truck won't fit all of them, so Jana dear is here watching and playing with the twins and Lincoln and Elijah. They are playing the game of Life, and I smile to myself at how uncomplicated (and of course, unreal)that life seems!:-)

So, if you will just pray along with us that things will go well for the Courters tonight as they minister across town. We also praise for God for their safety!!! Also pray about the van and the ?repairs? that will have to be done to it. This is not the first time that they have had trouble with it!
But, especially pray for Michelle; that the infection will not spread further and that she will recover from this well and soon.

One of the comments I overheard tonight ..."Oh my, Brazil is just one adventure after the other!"
We will keep you posted on what's going on -Life is so exciting!

Grateful for His Grace and Care,


hannah Burton said...

We are praying for everyone there!
Expecialy for Mrs.C.

Keep us posted!

Trusting Always in Him ~Hannah~

The Duarte Family said...

Thank-you, Hannah!
I can assure you that all of us apprecaite your prayers.
I always enjoy getting your sweet and encouraging comments.

God bless you!
Love in Christ,

Rachel said...

We'll be praying for them especially Mrs. Courter :)