Sunday, May 11, 2008

Fishing trip

Here are some pictures of the guys fishing trip last week. It looks like they had a lot of fun! Even though we girls didn't go, we enjoyed listening to their stories and looking at these pictures.

It is about a 3 hour drive to this place close to where my Dad grew up and where his oldest brother and his wife live. Although the drive tends to be long and boring, some lovely scenery can be seen at this time of the year. It is sort of a sneek-peek of what the Pantanal looks like. Lots of lush greenery, lovely water, various animals and birds; an all around natural beauty "paradise".

Some of the gang

Can you see the caiman(alligator) eyes?

The Tuiuiu (our state bird)

Isn't this a pretty shot?

A garca

The men also encountered alot of mud! They said that the truck got almost entirely covered with it at one point.
The funny part is that some of them actually enjoyed it!

Getting ready to go fishin'

My uncle lives right close to the river banks


(And sorry, but I can't resist asking this... doesn't this look just like something straight out of Norman Rockwell?!?)

They caught a fish!

They got to see my uncle do the yearly crossing of the cattle...

The river out there is so pretty

Hope you enjoyed seeing this as much as everyone else - I know that the guys had a great time. They did come back smelling like fish and mud, but oh well...!
Our family loves going out there, so we are considering going sometime this month yet.

photo courtesy of Daniel Courter

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