Sunday, May 18, 2008

Hi folks!
Sorry for the 'silence' on this blog for awhile...
We are without our digital camera right now, so that can explain part of it (posts without pictures are just no fun, right?).
We are all doing well. Mom and the ladies from church got to attend Ladies' Camp last saturday. Wish we had pictures to share...well, maybe not. What it is that these ladies do out there anyway?!? :-) jk I'm sure they had a great time.

The Courter family is now down to their final two weeks here. Many of us are not looking foward to the parting day; (a sunday, to be sure - how depressive!)we sure will miss them!

Well we really don't have all that much big news... oh wait, two other ladies in church, besides my sister Jessica, are expecting! So by the end of this year/begging of next we will have 3 new babies in church!:-)

Till next time...
~ A Duarte correspondent

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Hannah Burton said...

Only Two weeks!

I can't belive it, the time has gone by so fast.

I know that they are really going to miss being there.

I know there have been many many wonderful memories made and still will be in the next two weeks:)

We are praying that these next two weeks will be filled with wonderful happy times, that will always be remembered:)

With Love in Him ~Hannnah Burton
P.S maybe if you think about it as being only 13 LONG days then thge time wouldn't seam so short:)