Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Poster for Mrs. Courter

Here are a few pictures of the "Kids" doing a poster for Mrs. Courter to hang on the hospital room wall. The little kids got to do theirs last night while my Mom watched them so we older ones could record.

Here is "Somone" trying to get in trouble :)


Here is the final result! I am sure it will brighten Mrs. Courter's room.

We had lunch together today and Jennifer told them the "Purple Monkey Story":-)

Dont you just love the facial expression?

Linclon doesn't know what to think of it and after hearing the story myself; I beleive he has a point!

We thank those who are praying for Mrs. Courter and Anna and ask that you please continue to pray for them. We are praying that she can be out by Sunday which is Mother's day. Then Monday is her birthday. The doctor said that he finds it unlikely that she would leave earlier than 10 days, but we know God is in control and NOTHING is impossible for Him.

by Jana

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hannah Burton said...

We are praying!!!!!!!
How is Mrs.Courter daoing?

Trusting in Always in Him ~Hannah