Saturday, May 10, 2008


Hello guys!

Some people have asked about Mrs. Courter so here is the most recent "news".
Her doctor has allowed her to leave tomorrow morning at 9. (Yes, she gets to spend Mother's Day at home!)Finally - after a 7-day hospital stay.
The infection on the left leg seems to be completely gone; the right one is slowly improving, too. She will be on bed-rest and have to "take it easy" for a while. Please continue to pray for them, and that the infection won't return. The doctor empasized that although she can go home, the treatment is not over yet. We are just so glad that she can come back home!

As far as the rest of us, we are all doing well. Our time together is getting shorter with each passing day, so we are squeezing in "fun time" amongst all the crazy happenings here recently:-) On thursday, Dad, Jed and the 5 older Courter boys took a fishing trip. They returned Friday with some good tales to tell, such as Jed getting bit by a piranha!:-)

Many thanks to all of you who are praying for us! We have enjoyed the thoughtful comments. Keep in touch for more later...

Jenifer for all of us

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Hannah Burton said...

Jenifer, Thank you for the update!

We will continue to pray that Mrs. Courter will heal completely.

We are so thankful to hear that she is able to come home though!
What a wonderful Lord we serve!!!

With Love in Him ~Hannah Burton~