Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Adolescent's Camp

Hi There! Here are some pics of our adolescent's camp. The theme was "Traveling Through Time". We had a guest speaker come from Missouri! Pr. Daniel Fox, his wife Heidi and two teens from their church; Jennifer Hempten and Rebecca Figge.

On Our Way

Camp started with supper

Then we had the Opening service

After service we had some games

Which mummy looks best?

Or Rodrigo? :)

Everyone got to play "Fruit Basket Upset" It was Sooo Much fun!

Yes! we are fighting!... For a spot :)

The next day Pastor Fox did some Magic Tricks

Yes Jenny was Very hungry for lunch :)

Jessica and Heidi playing Alex and Pr. Daniel

Jennifer and Karina

In this game the whole team had to hold hands and pass their whole body through the Hoola-hoop.

This is Joao Paulo doing the Duck Walk! It was hilarious!

Throwing the frisbee

The "Gringos" playing their Melodicas

Saturday night after camp Pr. Fox and his wife and the two girls came over to spend a service with us.

The Message he preached was a Big blessing to our church.

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Hannah said...

Wow! Looks like you all had a lot of fun!

God Bless ~Hannah Burton~

The Duarte Family said...

Dear Hannah,
Thank you for all the sweet comments! It's fun to know that others out there do actually enjoy our blog :-)
The Lord Bless you!

Jenifer 4 all of us

Rebekah said...

oh!!!!!! I so wish I had been there!!! I miss everyone soooo much.....
I think a mummy fits William very well! :-) It's a good think you had his face covered! He might have busted the camera! Oh I miss that kid...
Love you all!

Jessica Courter said...

Hey girls!
Wish we could have been there :(

I wanted to let you (Jana) and Jeni know that I've "tagged" you. Go to my blog to find out what that means :) You don't have to participate if you don't want to!
Love you!!