Sunday, June 29, 2008

Couple's Outing

The Date: Saturday evening, June 28th

The Occasion: Annual Couple's Outing

The Setting: First, a lovely park for a romantic walk and pictures. Then to Fontanella Pizzaria in the heart of Cuiaba for a delicious meal.

The six gentlemen pose for a picture

The Ladies...

Each man presented his wife with a single red rose (awwww!)and gave a little speech

Antonio and Lawanda (a.k.a Dad and Mom)

Alexandro and Jessica

Giovane and Francielly

Rafael and Athays

Rafael and Geane

Adilson and Lucimar

They topped the evening off with a stop at an ice cream buffet:-)
This is what the church couples have done each year instead of a traditional valentine banquet. The ladies immensenly enjoy getting "fancied up" (pardon the term, but it is what we do, right?!) for the occasion, and I have already heard one of the men talking about the speech he is going write for his wife next year!
I think that all of them look foward to and enjoy this evening of food, fun, fellowship and bonding.

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