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My sweet friend Jessica C., tagged me, can you believe it?!?
But since it's a subject I like, (anything about reading!)I thought I might as well answer and tag some more people!

Here's what I am going to try to adequately fulfill...

Answer some questions
Link her to my blog
Tag six other people and
Comment on their blog to let them know

Question number one:
"What kind of revenge are you planning for the person who tagged you?"
*smile* That's just a joke one...
Here's the real thing!

Who is your favorite author and why?
Hmmm... that is not as easy as is sounds! I enjoy a variety of different styles (historical, historical fiction, christianity issues, inspirational biographies, ect..) but at this point and time I would probably say that is it is Elisabeth Elliot. Not only do I enjoy her writing, I also admire her example, and have always been encouraged by it. I remember the first time I heard the story of the five missionaries martyred by the Auca indians, Mrs. Elliot's husband being one of them. It was at a Family camp, and I came home after that week and devoured "Through Gates of Splendor". I still recall the impact their story had in my child's mind, and the ways I felt I could 'sympathize' becuase I am an MK.

Who was your first favorite author and why?
*grin* Does Laura Ingalls Wilder count? Or, better yet, does anyone know who wrote The Three little Pigs?:-)
But in all seriousness, I think my fisrt favorite author was also Elisabeth Elliot, becuase her's were some of the first books that I really felt I could get into and read for pleasure rather than just for school. :-)
But in order to be fair, I have to cite some of the historical authors (or maybe it was just the books)that I came to appreciate around the same time.
Esther Forbes, author of Johnny Tremain. This was one of the first books on the Revelutionary War that Mom read out loud to us - I loved it!
Baroness Orczy, of The Scarlet Pimpernell
H. R. Haggard, of Pearl Maiden
Alexandre Dumas of The Count of Monte Cristo
the list could go on uncertainly-
L.M Montgomery, George MacDonald...

Who is your most recent addition to your favorite authors and why?
Primarily, Douglas Wilson because of his biblical and timely books for the Christian family.
Dr. D. James Vernon McGee. As different as this may seem, reading his commentary on the Bible has recently become a favorite thing of mine to do. I apreciate his explanations and to-the-point approach.
to name a few others...
A. W. Tozer, Andrew Murray, Francine Rivers, the Botkin sisters, B. and B Theone,Nancy Leigh DeMoss, Shaunti Feldhan, and of course, the timeless Jane Austen!

If someone were to ask you right now- which author would just pop into mind?
Well, the one(s) that just popped in (probably because I'm currently reading their books)are...
Stacy McDonald and Jennie Chancey
Henry and Richard Blackaby

All right - I'm done. Now it's your turn...
I tag
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Hope you enjoyed! Remember this is just for fun - not mandatory or to press you! Just a little game where others can find out a little more about us :-)
Have a blessed day!

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