Thursday, June 12, 2008

Trip to Brasilia

This week we took a little trip to Rio Verde, Goiania, and Brasilia.

We took some tracts to Mr.Ed and Mrs. Jean Cook who are Missionareis in Rio Verde.

Mr.Cook and Jedidiah

They are holding their church service on the front porch of a brother from their church.

Then we went to Goiania to visit and take tracts to a Brazilian Missionary Pr. Marcelo His wife Patricia and their son Marcelo Jr.

Dad preached their Sunday night service

We kids sang and Mom played

Mom and Patricia, Everyone says they look like sisters :)

They took us out for pizza after church

The next day the ladies went material shopping


Some of the treats we only get in "Modern" cities

Next we went to Brasilia, the Capital of Brasil.

We stayed with Missionarys John and Juanita Garland.

Playing Ping-pong or "atempting" to play ping pong:)

The car we bought

Brazil is a Very beautiful country


Jessica Courter said...

oh... that looked like SOOO much fun!!!! I wish we could have gone... *sigh* Sure do miss you guys!

Anne e Elle said...



um abra├žo...
de Anne e Elle