Monday, July 7, 2008

Busy, Busy

Well once again the Brazilian kids are all having Vacation and so its time for..... A WHOLE week of Bible school!!! We will start on the 14 an end on the 19.

Here are some prayer requests.
WISDOM for all the teaches and helpers.
PATIENCE to deal with undisciplined children.
But the most Important one,Is that the children will HEAR and BELIEVE.

Getting everything ready

The painting crew

Who can understand what is written here?!?:)

Our "bonus" pic for this post are these...
Camilly and Isabelly learning to be Good friends!

They love walking hand-in-hand

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Brianna said...

Hey guys! I just found your blog...what a beautiful family you have! Thank you for all you're doing in Brazil! I'll pray for you!