Thursday, July 17, 2008


Here we finally go!
Pictures of our Vacation Bible School.

Helpers and teachers.

This is the picture of all the kids on 1 of the days.

This year we didnt have as many kids as last year because 2 of the 4 school aren't on vacation yet because of the breaks the schools took during this year.

Jess did a great job teaching on the life of Daniel.

Mom also taught a lesson on Lies Satan wants us to belive.

We had a puppet show every day.

Mom and Chico. The kids love this monkey.

This is Pom-Pom

The Blue elephant who playes soccer!

The kids coloring

We also had a game every day wich I was in charge of...

The 5-legged race

They had to find candy hidden in......


In this game, they had to pop the opponents balloon.

Eat a cracker and whistle

The hula-hoop had to go around the team with their hands held together.

The ballon toss

I like this pic :) all the boys enchanted by Jeni's playing :) Hee hee

To End our VBS our sweet neighbor Cida made this HUGE cake for the kids too have.

A BIG thanks to All of you who have kept us in your prayers this week. YES we did survive!!! :)We praise the Lord for giving us the privilage to serve him. We now pray that the seed that was planted this week will find soil and grow. May God Richly bless All.
Janalee for the Duartes.

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Alisha said...

Great job on VBS! Looks like everyone had a great time! -signed Mrs. Alisha F. Doolittle (ok, I just had to be a smart-aleck! Sorry!)