Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Fathers day

Sunday was fathers day here here in Brasil.We had a great serivice with several 1st time visitors.

Our play

Jed had to die for our play! :)

Some acting

Jed did a good job acting dead,

Here are all the fathers we had...

receiving their Ice cream cone that doesnt melt :)

Mom made the cone out of a hard paper, then she bunched up some tissue paper and put a hankerchife on the top of the paper. Then she made a charie by wraping red tissue paper on a little stirefoan. It looked sooo cute:) Mom is Great!

Here is Dad and his children.

Mom and dad celebrated their 22 wedding anniversary.

And to finish this post here are some sunset pictures I took a while back.

What a Wonderful,

And Mighty God we serve!

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