Sunday, October 12, 2008

Children's Day

Today was children's day here in Brazil.
We wanted to give them a little something. Mom came up with these cute ice-cream,cup-cake cones.The cone had some candy and a little toy in it.
There were 20 kids in Sunday school today.

Pretty Isabelly,

Little Nathalia enjoying hers.

These three boys were 1st time visitors today. Sister Euri brought them and she asked Dad if he didn't want to keep the little boy in the red shirt. His mother is in jail and he has an unknown father. He has no one to stay with. No one wants him!Our heart's break for this little boy and TONS of other children here who are orphans or unwanted. There are over 80 thousand children in orphanages waiting to be adopted! Plus thousands on the streets! We pray that the Lord will raise up missionaries to come and minister to these unloved children. Will you also pray with us???

May God bless you today. The Duarte family serving HIM in Brazil.

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The Lockhart Family said...

We are coming as soon as we can!